The view over Danube

And we come to another panorama :) I took so many of them recently. And I even started writing a short guide on how to take panoramas without the need of a panoramatic head, which I will share with you soon. But not today.

Today I have for you a panorama shot taken from the new Old bridge in Bratislava. This was taken during the White night even, while I was waiting for them to turn on the laser lights on the New bridge. But looks like that they had problems and the lights stayed off. So I at least got a nice panorama shot from it.

This is a 2 shot panorama. I took 5 exposure for each shot and used the darker ones to blend in parts of the castle. It’s just so bright. I used PTgui to create the panorama and finished the photo in Photoshop. If you want to know how to create HDR panoramas, check out the guides I made about it. Here is one for PTgui and here one for AutoPano.

Btw. if you wonder why I share the detail shots. I like it when my photos look good zoomed out, but also at 100%. If a photo does not look good zoomed in, I usually don’t use it. Even if nobody else ever will see it at 100%, I will, and it will always bother me if its not as I want it to be :)

The view over Danube

And here are few details: