Backing up photos

I have been working the last week to get my whole photo library in order. Organizing, renaming, deleting just and so on. I also chosen how I backup everything, so thats also being done. And on the side, I write an article on backing up and how I did everything. So once thats done, you will see it here :)

Autumn at the lake

This is another long exposure panorama, and another shot taken with the VFFoto 10stop ND filter. I have to say, I’m quite pleased with that filter. The color cast is minimal and the sharpness is not affected at all. I have been using it much more recently, and will more :)

This is a two exposure panorama, taken at Strbske Pleso lake in High Tatras in Slovakia. I normally would include more of the mountains in a shot like this, but I thought I try it a bit different for this one, and zoomed in more on the horizon. And I liked it :) Combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Autumn at the lake, Strbske pleso, Slovakia

And here are few details:

Autumn at the lake, Strbske pleso, Slovakia