When the weather does not work out

cameraSo I just borrowed two extensions tubes. A 2x and a 1.4x. With this, I can change my 70-200mm lens to a 196-560mm lens. I thought I would get some nice moon shots with it, as it was so big recently, and I already planed where to shoot. But of course, the day I got them, the weather changed to overcast and fog. And it’s not better rigt now. So no chance at all to even see something. It’s like on purpose. Some Murphys law :)

Castle zoomed in

But of course I had to at least try the extension tubes. So while I was in the city, I took this panorama, at 560mm. I was standing right next to the Old bridge when I took this, so it was 1.4km away from the castle. 560mm is quite a lot isn’t it.

This is a two shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Castle zoomed in, Panorama, Bratislava, Slovakia