New albums in my portfolio

If you visited my portfolio page under, you may have noticed that all photos there are in one huge gallery. But as I was cleaning my photos recently, I had to split them base on countries on my PC locally. And once it was done, it was easy to do so also in the portfolio. So now you can head here and see galleries that only include my photos taken in a specific country.

Panorama across the bridge

It’s not that easy to take night photo on the SNP bridge. Actually it’s not easy from any busy bridge. The passing cars create quite a lot of shaking and vibrations. So one need a bit of luck or patience, to wait for a moment where there are fewer cars. Not always happens :)

For this shot, I wanted the top and bottom to frame the castle. I partially succeeded. I did not have a panoramic head with me, so I could not use a wider lens to do this panorama. Still, I really like how the walkway pulls your view across the image from left to right, so making you look across the whole photos.

This is a two shot panorama, with a third shot used to darken the light of the walkway a bit. Combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Panorama across the bridge, Bratislava
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