New products from Peak Design

Peak Design is by now a well know company that creates high quality camera bags, backpacks and accessories. And each time the come with something new, they do it through Kickstarter, as that’s where they had their start. And they doing it again today, with their new products. So if you find them interesting, now it’s the time to get them, as the Kickstarter price is quite lower than the final retail price. You can find the Kickstarter page here.

So what’s new? A Travel line, made specialy for traveling, consisting of:

Travel Backpack 45L

A quite a big travel backpack, made in a more modular design than other Peak Design products. You can use it as a normal backpack, or use the camera and packing cubes to change the inside of it. With the camera cube you can made it more into a camera backpack. The retail price should be 299.95 USD, with the Kickstarter price being 235 USD
Peak Design new products

Camera and Packing cubes

These cubes are meant to be used with the Travel Backpack, where you use them to change the inside of the bag. You can do different configurations here.
Peak Design new products

Tech and Wash Pouch

And to finish it off Peak design also introduced two smaller pouches, one specifically designed for smaller tech items, and one for hygienic items.
Peak Design new products

You can find more photos and information, as well as pricing on the Kickstarter page here.

(all photos courtesy of Peak Design)

Wide view from Paris

And another panorama. This one is from my visit to Paris last year. I took it quite early in the morning, right before the sunrise. As you can see, the blue hour was quite nice, but since it was really cloudy, the sunrise was not so much.

This is a two shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, edited in Photoshop.

Wide view from Paris, France

And here are few details:

Wide view from Paris, France