I’m back

I’m back from Budapest and back to updating the blog. I got some new photos in Budapest, but not as much. The weather was just so hot and sunny, mostly with no clouds, that I had no energy even to go out during the day. And even during the evening it was not that much better.

View from the Citadel

I wanted a panorama of this view for a long time. And I already tried it few times, but the results are always like this. I just not have luck for a nice evening sky anytime I’m there.

This is a three shot panorama, taken from under the Citadel on the hill over Budapest. Combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop. I used the 70-200mm lens here, which resulted in a perfectly sharp photo.

View from the Citadel, Budapest, Hungary

And here are few details:

View from the Citadel, Budapet, Hungary