Canon EOS R?

I think you all noticed that Canon introduced their first full frame mirror-less camera yesterday. I did too. And my first thought was, this looks similar to the Nikon one doesn’t it? That aside, it seems to be an interesting camera, that I personally am not that interested in. It’s not a disappointment or something like that, but it’s also not something spectacular that I would run out to get immediately. Having a full frame mirror-less is just catching up to everyone around them and I hoped when they do, there will be something to distinguish them from the other brands. But I have not seen anything like that yet.

Still, when I get my hands on one somehow, would love to test it out. Maybe it can win me over. You never know :) And when it’s time to upgrade my camera again, maybe the EOS R II will be the way to go (if there is ever one :))

Fountain at the sphere building

I did not want to post another photo of the Expo 2017 sphere building in Astana so early again. But it’s just such a cool looking building. And especially like this, at night with all the lights on.

Here I managed to capture it completely in one color. But that I needed to use a longer exposure really helped with that. I also moved a bit back to get the fountain right in front of it. I could not get the exactly what I wanted, as parts of the square were fenced off due to constructions. Still I got almost to the spot I wanted :) And you can’t even tell how much it rained when I took this shot :)

This is a two shot blend. I used most of the photo from one exposure and then used the second one to darken the lights of the fountain a bit. Edited in Lightroom, blended in Photoshop.

Fountain at the sphere building, Astana, Kazachstan