Panoramas in Lightroom

I often mention that I merged a panorama in Lightroom. And for those wanting to know how that is done, I made a tutorial some time ago. Check here to read it.

Flower reflection in the morning

This photo does not look like it, but in reality it’s a three shot vertorama. The reason for that is, that the puddle I used to get this reflectin, was very close to the flower installation. So I used the tilt shift lens to get three shots, that I then merged.

I found this light flower installation close to my hotel in Astana. I don’t know if it’s permanent, or why it’s there, but it just looked great. And one morning I walk to it before the sunrise and since it rained during the night, I had enough puddle to get the reflection I wanted.

This is a three shot panorama, merged in Lightroom, edieted in Photoshop.

Flower reflection in the morning, Astana, Kazakhstan