Reading list

Been a while since I did a reading list update, so i will do one now :) Recently I got through 6 books, three fiction and three nonfiction. Let’s start with the nonfiction ones.

Somehow the three nonfictional book were all with the same subject. Skepticism and critical thinking. Each one just look at a different thing to by critical about. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe by Steven Novella, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and Paranormality by Richard Wiseman. All are very interesting to go through and are worth a read (or listen :))

From the fiction part, I was quite disappointed by the Elevation by Stephen King. Just an interesting premise with no payoff at the end. The other two Inner Space by Merlin Fraser and The Others by Jeremy Robinson were quite better stories, even if not as developed as they should be.

Have not yet decided what to listen to next, but will update once I got through few of them :)

In the fog

There has not been much snow in Bratislava the last few years, but what we have a lot of is fog. And the season for for is slowly already starting. Not that much yet. This shot is not from this year, but from 2016. I do think though, I will get some new ones soon :)

For this photo, I used two exposures. Blended in Photoshop, to get the brightness of the lights a bit down. Photos like this one are not that easy to edit, as one can easily crate a really strong color banding. But there are ways to get rid of it, and you can see my guide on that here.

This photo is not a panorama, I cropped it to this aspect. Usually I don’t do that, and keep the standart 3:2 aspect ratio, but slowly I’m warming more and more to the idea to give a photo the aspect it just fits the best. No longer keeping to the classic one. Probably from doing so many panoramas and vertoramas that are not in the classic aspect, I got used to it.

In the fog, Bratislava, Slovakia, SNP bridge
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