High up in the Alps

I do like these huge panoramas. And the more I take them, the more I like them. I even vent back in my photo archive to find even more panoramas :)

This one I took in 2015 while visiting the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria. This is a road that can get you very high up into the Alps, for just a stunning view. Of course you have to be lucky for the clouds to move away, or you will see nothing. Or as the day I was there, the clouds were first covering everything, but after lunch they moved and showed this beautiful view of the mountains.

This photo is a 66Mpix panorama, created from three exposures. Merged in Lightroom, then finished in Photoshop. I did take multiple exposures here, but did not use them in the end. Not sure if it was the wind or bad tripod placement, but few of the exposures would not align properly and instead of trying to fix that, was just easier to edit a single exposure.

High up in the Alps, Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

And here are few details: