Goals for 2019

What are your goals in 2019? My main goal is finally to be able to understand Japanese language. For a long time I wanted to learn another language (next to Slovak, English and German that I know), and Japanese was the one I wanted to know the most. I already tried once to get into it few years back, but did not stick with it. But for the last two months I have been keeping with it, so hopefully I keep it up. This time it has to work :)

Btw. How great it is to be able to write directly into PDF files on the Surface Pro. I just can’t force myself to write into a book. But with the Drawboard app and a PDF version of the book, it’s just so easy.

Even more fireworks

Let’s continue with another fireworks shot. This one is almost exactly what I envisioned when going out to take photos of this years fireworks show. I wanted the castle in the bottom with a lot of fireworks above it. The only thing that really did not work out exactly, was the location of the ship. It was closer to the right side of the Danube than I hoped for. Like this, a lot of the fireworks exploded right in front of the castle, which I did not like that much. But luckily, a lot of them went high up, which worked really nicely.

Today’s photo is actually a blend of two exposures. The reason I needed to blend this was a bit different this time. Since there were a lot of people around me when I took it, either one of them or maybe even I bumped into the tripod and caused a bit of movement in the photo. It was not noticeable on the fireworks, but the castle and the whole foreground looked horrible. Luckily, I took a bunch of photos with the same settings, so I easily could replace the bottom part from a second photo. You can’t even tell from the result. Photo blended and edited in Photoshop.

Even more fireworks, Bratislava, Slovakia
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