Learning Japanese

JapaneseHow are you goals for this year coming along? Maybe you remember I mentioned mine at the start of the year, and it was to learn Japanese language. And I’m quite happy, that I’m still sticking to it, just finished the first book from the Japanese from Zero series, and onto the next one. Still so much to learn. But it’s really nice now, when I watch a Japanese TV show or a movie, that I already can understand something here and there. And when sitting in a bus or train, the word repetition through Anki just make a trip fly by.

So what about you? How are you goals coming long? :)

Panorama at the Danube

This is another panorama I took last Monday down at the Danube river. The Danube was actually quite calm. This made the reflections nice an visible. I used steps that are at the shore there, to get completely down to the water and took a photo from there. There were few more spots I wanted to go to, I just could not find the steps there. There are multiple there, but under the snow, it was a bit dangerous to get down to the water, and I did not want to risk it. It happened to me once already that my foot slipped in between the rocks there, and that was without the snow. Better safe then sorry. One has to be always careful.

This is a three shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, edited in Photoshop.

Panorama at the Danube, Bratislava, Slovakia

And here are few details:

Panorama at the Danube
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