Evening walk under the John Frost bridge

I really like to take photos of the John Frost bridge in Arnhem. And not only because I like photos of bridges in general. It’s just so colorful at night, with a perfect reflection. And you can even get under it.

I took this photo few years back. I was on a ship docked nearby and I had some time so I went to take few photos during the sunset. It was a bit of a strange walk. A short while after I took this photo, the two cars you can see in the distance, started drag racing. Not sure if that was the best location to do that, but luckily, as it was early in the year, there were very few ships there, and no one around. Still, not the smartest thing to do.

This is a blend from three exposures. I think it’s quite obvious that this was taken with a fish-eye lens. No, this is not a panorama, but I ended cropping it into a more wider aspect ratio. The sky was just boring and I had too much of the foreground, both taking away from the main part of the image, the bridge. Blended and edited in Photoshop.

Evening walk under the John Frost bridge
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