Skylum software just announced a new piece of software to their lineup. AirMagic. This is a fully automatic AI powered software, that is designed to enhance photos taken with drones. I have yet to try it out, as I have not done much drone photos myself. Still, the promo video looks promising, even if probably one could get the result in a more traditional software, like Lightroom or Luminar. Still, for those who don’t like to spend much time editing, this could be something interesting.

They opened pre-orders today, and you can find out more on the official site here.

Screenshots provided by Skylum.

At the Hohe Wand skywalk

Must be a crazy feeling just jumping off a cliff and flying around. When I was at the Hohe want skywalk in Austria, there were quite a few para gliders flying around. And some of them even very close to the skywalk. I did try paragliding once, but not this kind. The kind where you have a big propeller behind you and a pilot in front of you. Was a great experience.

This photo is a blend of two exposures. Actually both para gliders in this shot are the same person. I captured a series of shots as he flown by, and then chosen two to put together. Edited in Photoshp.

At the Hohe Wand skywalk