Across the Danube

I really like this view of Bratislava. The SNP bridge (or also known as the New bridge) spans the Danube and creates a nice contrast between the modern stile on the left and the old on the right. Still, there is a variation on this photo I want to take. Right around the end of the spring, the sun sets right in the middle between the castle and the bridge. So you can imagine how I want to capture it. I been planing a photo like that for years now. But I always forgotten and once I remembered, the sun was already setting at a different location. But maybe this year I finally remember and get the photo I want :)

This one I took late autumn last year. This is a two shot panorama, each shot from 2 exposures. Blended and combined in Photoshop. Btw. almost all of my recent photos have been edited only in Photoshop and only with the basic tools like masks and levels. The more I edit the more I want to go towards simplicity, and this is the result of it right now :)

Across the Danube
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