St. Stephen’s day fireworks 2019

I have not posted anything yesterday, but I did go to Budapest in the evening, to try and get some photo of the St. Stephnen’s day fireworks over the city. And as you can see, I got some. So today, and the next few day’s I will post photo I got there.

This year I decided to go up to the Citadel over the city, to be able to see the whole show. Usually, the fireworks are fired off from 4 locations, but this year, they were done from 9. 7 boats and two bridges. They were really cool and I really enjoyed them. I did though overexposed a lot of photos, as they were crazy bright. Much brighter than I expected. Still looked good.

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

St. Stephen's day fireworks 2019, Budapest, Hungary
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