Night city lights

I was editing this photo, and for the whole time, I had a strange feeling, that it’s smaller than it should be. The detail was just not there as I’m used to. And then I remembered, this is an older photo, taken with the Canon 5D Mark II. The Mark IV does not have that many megapixels more, only about 1/3rd more, but when you do a panorama, it stacks up really quickly. And when one gets used to a higher resolution, it very hard to work with a smaller one.

This is a two shot panorama, each shot blended from three exposures. This is the view of the Bratislva city center you would get, if you ever are in the Aupark tower. This photo was taken right as the blue hour ended and the night started.

Night city lights, Bratislava, Slovakia

And since this is another big panorama, here are few details from this photo.

Night city lights, Bratislava, Slovakia
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