Now and then

My editing style changed a lot over the years. Mostly I tried to move more towards more realistic and softer edits. Away from the typical grungy style that is associated with HDR photos. I don’t re-edit photos once I finish them, but for today I thought, I try to edit a similar photo to one I did years ago. So I went back and chosen a photo from 2012, where I posted a very similar one. I edited it, and here you can see the result. These two photos were taken minutes from each other, but with 7 years between the edits.

This is a blned of 4 exposures done in Photoshop.

I’m no longer 100% sure how the old one was edited, but I presume it was a HDR from 7 exposures done in Photomatix Pro, that I then finished in Photoshp. You can see the biggest difference on the bridge. I used to pull out a lot of detail in my photos, where now I leave some shadow still there.

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