Funny, how you always get the best sunset when you are not expecting one. This photo I took one late autumn day, when a fellow photographer asked me if I could give him a bit of a lesson. So we went to a nearby lake, and within minutes a very boring cloudy sky, changed into this. And it stayed like this for almost half an hour :)

Even after these years, this is still one of my favorite photos. And it’s quite popular with many people, with it being a editors choice on 500px and also published in a magazine (or two, not sure anymore :))

I have 11 photo prints in my living room, and this is one of them. The clouds that day were just stunning, and luckily I chosen to go the top of the SNP bridge to take some photos :)

Let’s move to the year 2012. The February that year was a big change for me, as I bought my first PRO camera, the Canon 5D mark II. And my first trip with that, was to Spain, from where also this photos is.

Still one of my favorite photos I ever took. And still I have not taken the time to get more like this, yet I still have access to the Celestron Telescope I used for this. Well, maybe this year :)

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