Photos from Amsterdam are all mostly about the canals, and so I my first photo I took there earlier last year :)

Late night Amsterdam

As we are slowly getting together to the present, lets continue with a photo from January of last year. There has not bee much snow in Bratislava for years now, but one day, last year (and just for one day :)) there was a lot of it.

So much snow

You know I do like taking photos of bridges. And over the years, I really took many of them :)

Golden bridge

In the late 2014 I did my first trip to Switzeland, and while there, I check out also Matterhorn. And here is one of my favorite shots I took there :)

Sunny moment at Matterhorn

Still a photo from Dubai, as I took so many during my trip, that I posted them for weeks :) So here is another one of my favorites I got there, one of the Dubai fountain.

The Dubai Fountain

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