Last week I mentioned I got the Spark remote from Alpine Labs as a Kickstarter reward. And now, since I had time to play with it, I will share with you my thought about it. So here goes.

What can the Spark remote do?

Alpine labs is a company specializing on camera accessories. There are the makers of Radian time lapse device and few others. Spark remote, their latest product, is a camera remote. It’s can work in three different settings.
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review

1. As a wireless infrared remote

It can work as a standard infrared remote, but with one special function. In the app, you can select what camera brand you want to control, so it works on all of them.

2. As a wired remote

Secondly, you can attach it to a camera directly by a cable, and use the button on it as a standard wired remote.

3. As a app controlled remote

Lastly, if you connect it to the camera by cable, you can pair it with the provided app, so getting advanced function. This can be used to take photos, do long exposures, HDR, Photo booth mode (similar to timelapse) or control multiple devices at once.

Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review

How is it to use the Spark remote?

The remote on it’s own is very simple to use. For the wired control, you just connect it to the camera and it works. For the wireless one, you fist have to go into the app, and set the correct camera model. You have to do that only once, as the remote remembers what you set.

For all else you have to pair the remote with the app, and use the build in function. They are all very simple to use, and offer all the functions you may need. The only one I could not find was bulb ramping, which should be possible here. Maybe after an app update.

Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review

I took me seconds to get all up and running, as it is just so straightforward. You connect the Spark remote to the camera, open the app, wait until it’s connected (if its not, you can go into settings and choose the remote to connect) and choose what you want to do. It’s all connected with a Bluetooth, so the range is quite good also.

Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review
Spark remote by Alpine Labs - review


The remote is small, works well, the app offers many functions. Alpine Labs states up to 2000 hours of work on one battery and replacing it is quite easy. The ability to work in multiple modes is quite handy. Sometimes one needs just a wireless remote, sometimes app control is needed. I like that you can have it complex or just completely simple. Overall I quite like it and it will have a permanent spot in my camera bag from now on.

You can find Spark remote by Alpine Labs on their Kickstarter site. Other Alpine Labs products on their official site here.

Clouds invading Paris – Plotagraph

I spend today evening in Mikulov in Czech republic. And while I got quite a few photo, who know if they are good. I have arrived only recently, and have not had time too look at them. But with how crazy windy it was, I’m not that hopeful. If it worked out, you will see a photo from there tomorrow :)

But for today, here is another Plotagraph I made, this time of this very cloudy view of Paris, taken from the top of the Tour Montparnasse.

(if you use an older web browser, you may only see a static image, if you are on a mobile, please hit the play button to see the Plotagraph in motion)

Using Plotagraphs as Live Wallpapers

Using Plotagraphs as Live WallpapersI was editing a Plotagraph yesterday, and while doing so, I had an idea. What would be a great use for Plotagraphs? Live wallpapers for you phone of course. They are perfect for it. The loops are short and endless, the files can be smaller to the size of a normal photo.

So I looked around, for how to do it. The simplest way I found, is to use an app called Video Live Wallpaper which you can find in Google Play store (I don’t know if something similar is possible with iOS, as I don’t have any Apple device right now, so can’t test). You just install the app, choose the video you want to use, and thats it. There are also other apps, so you can use any one you want.

It just looks great :) It gives so much live into a wallpaper, and since it loops perfectly, there is no sharp transition when the video repeats.

Download my Live Wallpapers

I did crop and export few of the Plotagraphs I shared with you on this blog, and you can download them here. They are all 1080x2160px in size, so a 18:9 vertical aspect. They are meant to fit all the new phones with taller screens, but the app should crop them automatically on different ones.

(You may see controls when you hover your mouse over the plotagraph. This is due to the fact that mobile browsers dont auto play them, and for those I need a play button so it can be started.)

Download the Star trails, Podersdorf sunset and Dubai sunset here (use right click/save target as to save the mp4 file).

And the Light over Paris, Autumn reflection and Dubai Traffic here (use right click/save target as to save the mp4 file).

Please let me know what you think about this idea, and if you use them in your phone setup, feel free to share a screenshot :)

Spark remote from Alpine Labs

So my streak of selecting only Kickstarter projects that deliver continues, as I just recieved a product from another one of them. This time it’s the Spark from Alpine labs. You may know Alpine Labs as the creators of Radian, the timelapse rotating motor.

The Spark remote is a camera remote that can work in three modes. It either works like a classic wired remote when connected to the camera, as a IR remote, or as bluetooth remote conected to a phone. There you can use the provided app to take photos, long exposure, HDR bracketing, timelapses and more.
Spark remote from Alpine Labs
For now, I only tested it if all worked and I had no issues. All paired easy and all that I tried worked. I will be using it when I go and take photos in the next weeks, so I will also probably post a review of it.

For now, you can see more about it on the Kickstarter site of Alpine Labs here.

Endless traffic in Dubain – Plotagraph

I knew I want to animate this photo from the first moment I tried Plotagraph. I just wanted to make it more like what I seen. There was just endless traffic how far you could see. So I tried to edit it before, but I did not like the result. So it was standing there in the library for a few months now, and only yesterday, I finished it. I think it was also due to the updated Plotagraph had this year, that I was able to get it to a point I liked it.

So what I did here? I masked out the traffic on all a lanes, than stabilized the middle part, so that does not move, and then animated the traffic. And to make it even more better, I masked out some of the reflection in the skyscrapers, and animated those too :) Now all it misses is the sound of the traffic, but you can imagine that yourself :)

(if you are on a mobile or use an older web browser, you may only see a static image)

Plotagraph Social profile

You can find my plotagraphs on this blog, but you may have missed that you can find most of them (and soon all the ones I published here) also on Plotagraph Social website. You can find my profile here.

Of course you can also scroll down to the bottom of this blog and choose the Plotagraph category from the dropdown list. Or just click here :).

The reflected colors of autumn – Plotagraph

I really like this photo. And so of course I had to try and create a Plotagraph from it, just to make it even better :) So I did. As you can see from how it looks and from the animations points screenshot to the side, I went with a quite subtle animation, only in the reflection. I think that was enough.

If you want to know how to create Plotagraphs, check out my tutorial here.

(if you are on a mobile or use an older web browser, you may only see a static image)

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