Searching for ones own photos

Sometime I do a revers search on some of my photos. I try not to do it, as it’s really depressing. So many people used them on their websites, and almost no one ever gives me credit as the author of the photo.

Here and there I get contacted by companies that represent photographers in legal actions against sites like these, and while I prefer not to do so, one day it may be too much to ignore. Funny how easy is to include a line of text with my name and link back to the site. Still seems to much to ask for from some :/

Information on licensing and proper use can be found here.

Sphere building in blue

I shared with you already few images of the Expos 2017 sphere building in Astana, and this is another one. I tried to have them in different colors, so here is one in blue.

This is a blend of two exposures, where the second one was used only to remove a flare from the photo.

Sphere building in blue, Astana, Kazakhstan

My phone setup

Another thing I shared on my Twitter some time ago, is my phone setup. I really liked Windows Mobile when I still used it, and now I always try to recreate it on my current phone. iOS and Android just never tried to move the UI design forward at all, and Window Mobile did.

This setup was inspired by this concept. What do you think?
Phone setup

Another rainy reflection

Back to Astana with today’s photo, with another rainy reflection of the Expo 2017 sphere building. It was raining the whole evening when I was there, so all my photos of it have nice wet reflection sin them :)

This is a two shot blend, edited in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Another rainy reflection, Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana city center panorama

Let’s continue with another panorama today. This one was taken from the top of one of the skyscrapers in the city. It was right after a thunderstorm, so that’s why it’s quite cloudy there.

This is a three shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop. As you maybe noticed, sometime I use Lightroom and sometime PTGui for my panorama. The reason why I use both is simple. While Lightroom now supports HDR panoramas, it can’t create separate blending planes. It only creates one, already combined HDR photo. Since I like to blend in parts of the original shots, I need the blend planes. And this is what I can get from PTGui. So I use Lightroom only for panoramas, where I don’t use multiple exposures.

Astana city center panorama, Kazakhstan

And here are few details:

Astana city center panorama, Kazakhstan, detail

Rainy night monuments

I’m not sure if it’t the rainy day, the cold I caught somewhere or that they switched time to winter time today, but I’m just so sleepy today. And I slept most of the day also. Still sleepy though. At least it’s Sunday and I had nothing else planed anyway.

But still, here is a quick update to the blog with a new photos. The one for today, is from Astana Kazakhstan, and combines the Expo 2017 sphere building, with the crazy abstract monument right next to it.

This is a blend of three exposures. The base, a darker one to darken the highlight of the statue, and a brighter one to brighter the dark shadows on the building in the background. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Rainy night monuments, Astana, Kazakhstan

Shortcut changes in Photoshop

I really wonder why they did it. After years and years they changed how some shortcuts work in Photoshop. For instance the undo shortcut now works completely opposite to how it worked before. Will this help anyone who already uses Photoshop for years? No. Will it help anyone who just started using it? No. They just confuse people needlessly. Good work Adobe.

And yes, I know you can switch back. But that does not solve a confusion where two people can uses the same commands with different shortcuts.

Passing clouds over Astana

Due to the weather I did not have time to take that many long exposure shots while in Astana. You just can’t use a filter when it rains. But the last day I had a bit of time and went to a great spot in the city center. Since the passing clouds moved quite quickly, it was a perfect time to do some long exposure shots.

For this one I used the 10 stop Formatt-Hittech firecrest filter, on a NISI filter holder, on the 12mm Laowa lens. Still, to get a long enough exposure, I needed to get down to ISO 50. I ended up using 60 seconds here.

The final photo is done from 2 exposures, one at 60s with the filter and one at 4s. Edited in Lightroom, blended together in Photoshop.

Passing clouds over Astana, Kazakhstan
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