A bike in Amsterdam

A not really typical photo for me today. When I was in Amsterdam in December, the weather was not that great. So while I usually like to prefer wide views of cityscapes, that was not in the cards for that day. So I was thinking what to take photos of and of course, the bikes are a perfect subject. So I tried it. I only had a f2.8 lens with me, so the background is not as blurred as I would like, but I did like the result.

I could not decide between a color and black & white version here so I’m sharing both. Which one do you like more?

And a black & white version:

Color profile craziness

As I reinstalled my PC recently, I though I will recalibrate my screen. And of course immediately I started having problem with inconsistent color between Photoshop and everywhere else. This thing can drive a person crazy. So now, I had to delete everything, and will start tomorrow from the start again. What fun :/

Into the Sunrise in Amsterdam

So as mentioned, I have no idea how the colors in this photo will look like in your browser. I hope at least a bit like I want them to.

I took this photo in December, while I was on a ship in Amsterdam. In the morning I noticed the sun from the lounge window, so I ran up on the deck to grab few photos.

This is a two shot panorama. I then used another 4 shots to darken the sun. I left the overall photo a bit darker, to bring more attention to the sun overall. Combined and edited in Photoshop. I could not combine in Lightroom, as for some reason I used different focal lengths for each side, so Lightroom would not combine them into a panorama.

Into the Sunrise in Amsterdam


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Winter in Amsterdam

While I was in Amsterdam in December last year, I so hoped for some photos with snow. But you know how it always works out. Around 3-4 day before I arrived, the whole city got covered with snow, which of course promptly disappeared before I got there. All I had was a lot of rain. What can you do.

So I did a lot of panoramas, even with not such a great weather, but better than nothing :) This one is from two exposures, with two additional exposures used to darken the window lights. Combined using PTgui, finished in Photoshop.

Winter in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aurora HDR 2018 Preorder

You may have noticed that a new version of Aurora HDR is around the corner, and this time its not just for Mac users, but also for Windows ones. And right now they are offering a special discount price for all pre-orders (49USD for previous owners, 89USD for new ones).

So if you are interested, head over to Macphun site to find out more.

The pre-order is available until the 28th of September, when the Aurora HDR 2018 is released.

A windmill sunset

I did very few sunset shots this year. As I spend most of the year on a ship, which mostly moves to another port in the evening, the condition to take sunset shots were just not there. But I wanted to share one with you, so this one is from my last years visit to Netherlands :)

This is a single exposure, taken in Zansee Schans, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Blue hour in Zaandam

I have few more photos of the Eiffel tower edited, but so they are just not in a row, here is one from last year, taken in Zaandam, near Amsterdam. This Intell hotel is quite the unique building, isn’t it?

This is a two shot vertorama, each shot from two exposures.

Blue hour in Zaandam
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