Behind the screen

Few days ago, I was in the mood to take some photos, but the weather was just ugly. So instead I set up my camera behind my desk and got this. My point of view while editing photos :). I think I should have made it a recursion, which I still maybe will.

Under the bridge arch

I have an exact idea of a photo I want to get from this point. A perfect reflection of the castle and the bridge, so getting a nice symmetry in the photo. But until I get that, I have to be satisfied with this, a very un-perfect reflection. The Danube was just not calm enough when I took this.

This is a HDR from 3 exposures in Oloneo (I took 5, but some were too blurry from how much the bridge I was standing on was shaking) and blended with the original exposures in Photoshop.
Under the bridge arch

Second try

Today I tried for a second behind the scenes video. It’s a little better than last time, but still not as I would like it. But I still hope some of you will find it interesting :)

Again this is taken from a GoPro camera attached to my backpack strap, so please excuse the crazy framing :)

Not so colorful

Even with the lovely sunset, the photo came out not so great. Not really sure why. They are quite un-colorful. The light really was strange. So for today I chosen one from the blue hour today, as I will have to work more on the sunset ones to get some good results.

This is a HDR from 6 shots created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with original exposures in Photoshop.
Not so colorful

While waiting for the blue hour

I was getting bored while waiting for the blue hour, and since I had a new GoPro Hero 3+ with me and a POV mount, I thought I test it out and make a little behind the scenes video.

I just think I sound strange. Not sure if it’s because GoPro, the cold (I was shaking :)), that I’m a little sick, or because everybody finds it strange to listen to own voice. But I still hope you can understand me. Btw. sorry for the quality and framing. This is my first video with the GoPro, and I don’t yet have a grasp on what everything is in the view.

Low Danube under the Apollo bridge

And this is one of the photos I took today, around 30 minutes after the video. The blue hour was not completely blue, but still quite interesting. As the Danube is also quite low now, I could get much closer to the bridge as usually, and so get a much better view. Of course I almost feel on the rocks many times, but that’s always the risk. At least they were only covered by mud and not frozen :)

This is a HDR from 6 shots created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with original exposures in Photoshop.
Low Danube under the Apollo bridge


Bubble level

Every time I post a behind the scenes photo, with my camera in it, I get the exact same question: “What is that green cube on your camera?”. Once, it even happened, that after I finished shooting, I went to a restaurant, place my camera on the table, and even the waitress asked me what the green cube was :). So for those that still don’t know what it is, it’s a 3-way bubble level. As my camera is older and it does not have a level function, I use this to keep my photos nice a leveled.

In reality I don’t look at it that much, as with years of practice I get most of my photos leveled, it’s still great, so I am sure all the time. It’s a very cheap piece of equipment (you can find it under 5 USD on eBay if you buy it from China) and it will make you photos much better.

One autumn sunset

I just love sunset colors. And what is even better is to have them doubled by a nice reflection. As I stated many times before, the Kuchajda lake is great for this, as it’s very calm most of the time. Like a natures mirror.

This photo Is a manual blend from 3 exposures. I took 5, but had no need for the +2 and -2EV. Actually all I did was to start with the -1EV, as I liked the sky on that one, and brightened the middle are from the other two exposures. After that I only tweaked mostly detail, colors and contrast. Recently I try to go towards fewer edits on my photos. If I no longer can see all the layers in the list without scrolling, I feel like I have overdone a photo.
One autumn sunset


Don’t forget the free HDR tutorial

Based on Google analytics, around 50% of all visitors to the blog are first time visitors. And this is just a little not to all of those. If you didn’t notice, this blog also includes a detailed HDR tutorial, which explains a lot of how I edit my photos.

And for those curious when I will continue with the manual blending tutorial, don’t worry, is in the works. It just takes it’s time :)

City of light

You never notice how a bridge shakes with every passing car, until you try to take photos from it. And sadly, the Apollo bridge is not different. It’s really hard to get any longer exposure while shooting from it. It all just get so blurry.

Same here. I used only -3EV to 0EV, as the brighter exposures were blurry. But with a little editing, I think I did fine also without them (and I quite like this darker look :)). This is a manual blend from 4 exposures.
City of light

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