I’m getting ready for a trip for tomorrow, so just a quick edit today. This photo is a manual blend from 6 shots, taken from under the SNP bridge.
From under the bridge

The most dominant color in my photos is blue. As a landscape photographer it’s quite normal, but sometime I want something different. So this photo I pushed more into this yellow/gold color, as it quite fitted to the scene :)

Manual blend from three shots, mostly to brighten the foreground area which was completely in shadow. Photo taken from the Slavin memorial in Bratislava
Last rays of the sun

Could have gone with a better compositions, but I had only the 16-35mm lens with me, and I just could not get close enough to the sharks (I did not want to go on the lawn, as the building behind them is a bank, with a lot of cameras in the whole area :) ). But still, I think it’s quite interesting. This is another of many statues in Bratislava, that I had no idea they existed, until I came across them :)

This is a manual blend from 5 shots, taken by the River Park in Bratislava.
Beware of the sharks

Just few more days and I’m off to a 10 day photo trip to the UK. But until then, I have to get by with the photos I already have. So here is another light trails shot I took last Saturday.

This is a manual blend from 5 shots, I used the darkest exposures to darken the lights of the shopping center in the distance and the lightest exposures to blend together the light trails on the highway. In this shot the Aupark Shopping center in Bratislava
One more with light trails

I wanted to try the ND filter more, so I went to one of the few overpasses above a busy road in Bratislava. But as it was a weekend, and there were not enough cars, when I used the ND filter, the road looked empty. So in the end I took this shot without the ND filter.

This is a manual blend from 4 shots (I took 5 bud had no real use for the darkest shot). Photo taken from a pedestrian walkway near the Aupark Shopping center in Bratislava
Light trails

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