Of course while taking photos around the River park, I took one also of the River park, or at least a part I could fit into one photo. You can actually see the bonsai photo from the photo I posted yesterday, in the bottom left of this photos.

Manual blend from 5 shots, mostly to darken the very bright areas in the bottom left and brighten the dark areas in bottom right.

I like bonsai trees, too bad the ones I try to grow in my flat never last that long. But this one in front of the River park is really nice. I actually took a photo of it few years ago, when they first planted it there, and it was the first photo I sold to be used for promotional purposes :)

Manual blend from 7 shots, mostly to darken the parts which are brightened by all the lights in the area.
The bonsai tree

You would think that finding a statue like this in Bratislava would surprise me, but not really. As modern art in Bratislava goes, this is quite normal :) I took this photo by River park. I haven’t been there in a long time so I went there today, to look whats new there. And they have few new very cool statues.

This is a manual blend from 4 shots, used mostly to darken the light reflections on the statue (but I could have used a more underexposed photo)
Public Nudity

This is my very first photo, where I used the ND filter to achieve a long exposure. I really like how the Danube here looks so smooth. The exposure for the water was 80 seconds.

This photo is a manual blend from three exposes. One long exposure for the sky and water and two bright normal exposures to brighten the bridge.
Smooth water

What I really like about photos like this, is trying to identify everything that’s in the photo. Like for this one, from left to right, there are the Three towers, Istropolis, Doubletree hotel, Avion shoping park, the airport, Central and much more :) It’s funny how taking photos in a city makes you know the city much better. Btw. the line in the sky is a plane taking off :)

This is a manual blend from 5 shots, taken from the Slavin memorial above Bratislava.
The Urban Jungle

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