How to shoot fireworks

No new photo today, but new article :). For those who read the HDR one magazine, you maybe already seen it and now it’s also on this blog. So for all of you interested in how I shoot my fireworks shots, continue to this page, where I try to describe it as best as I can :) Hope it will be helpful to some of you :)

As I was taking photos of the Bratislava skyline, and they turned on the street lights, this small square was the one most noticeable from the spot I was standing. Probably because it was the only one not blocked by any building :) It looks really interesting, so yellow in the middle of a blue city (as it was during blue hour)

Manual blend from three exposures, edited only in Photoshop. Photo taken from the Bratislava Castle fortifications.
When they turn on the lights

Interesting that this center of healthy lifestyle has a KFC in it :) Probably for all those who are leaving the gym :)

This is a manual blend from 7 shots, in the shot the Relaxx center in Bratislava
Relaxx center

One of the different views of the Bratislava city center. This is a 3 shot panorama, each shot from 4 exposures (47Mpix total). Blended with PTgui and Photoshop. I actually took 5 exposures, but for some reason had different exposure time than the other (even if I shoot in Manual) which is very strange. I was just lucky, that I didn’t really need the +2EV exposure :)
Bratislava cityscape

I have no idea why I created a compositions like this :) But I was playing around with the 70-200mm lens.. so I tried a vertorama, and I quite liked it, so I finished it :) Looks strange on all the sites, but probably will look nice on Pinterest :)

This is 5×5 vertorama (5 shots all from 5 exposures) blended using PTgui and Photoshop. Final size was 63Mpix.
SNP bridge vertorama

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