Planing my first trip for this year

As I mentioned few posts ago, I need to plan some trips for this year. And just today, I started planing the first bigger one, as I bought a ticket to Dubai :). I still have to wait a month before I go there, but I already can’t wait. It will be 7 days filled with photos, photos and more photos :)

A little bit of snow by the river

I like to tone my photos more towards the blue, but I really liked this soft yellow/red cast this one had, so I let it be. I could even make this shots from a single exposure, but in the end I used there. I’m just so used to blending, that it’s sometimes easier to do it, than to get more from a single photo. And blending usually results in less noise anyway.

This is a blend from three exposures, created in Photoshop.
A little bit of snow by the river

I just started planing my first trip for this year, but as that’s still quite a few weeks away. So until at least the weather gets better, so I can get some new photos, I have to do what I always do :) Look through my old ones to choose which one to edit. It’s really not that easy to have a daily photo blog. Especially in days like this, when I have so much other work, and no time to edit. But I haven’t missed a day in over three years, and I don’t plan to :)

So for today, a HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and finished in Photoshop. For those who don’t know this bridge yet from my photos, it’s the Apollo bridge in Bratislava.
Apollo Bridge

Photography Masterclass magazine

One of my photos was featured in the latest issue of the Photography Masterclass magazine for iOS. And they also gave me this link to a special page for anyone who would like to get a free 3 month subscription to the magazine. So feel free to use it :)
Photography Masterclass

Quiet blue hour

I’m was quite busy the recent few days, and I still will be few more, so I don’t have that much time to edit. So I’m choosing photos where there is not that much to edit :). Same today. This is a blue hour shot I took last week by the SNP bridge. It mostly from single exposure -2EV in which I brightened the foreground from the -1EV and darkened the castle with a -3EV exposure I created in Lightroom. That almost all I did.
Quiet blue hour

500px > Best Pictures

If you want a nice way to find great images on 500px, I suggest you check out this Flipboard magazine 500px > Best Pictures by a fellow photographer Servalpe. I really like the photos he selects and usually just end up following most of the photographers in the selection :)

Red sky

Did I miss something or we really are already in February? Time sometimes really flies. But to turn it back for a second, I edited another photo from the New years fireworks. Actually I think I should have posted this shot two days ago, so it would nicely fit with the Chinese new year :)

This is a single image, split into three in Lightroom and blended together in Photoshop.
More fireworks

Practice panorama

As I said yesterday, I was curious about how a gigapixel pano would look like. So just for fun (and practice), I tried to take one from the balcony of my apartment. I almost got it. The result was around 800Mpix. Funny how quickly one learns about file format limits when one tries to save something like this. jpg can’t be over 30 000 pixels wide (ok, it can, but Photoshop will not open it), tif can’t be over 2gb in file size and so on :)


Missing snow

Yesterday I went out again to shoot, as the snow was falling. And that was exactly what I wanted, a photo with the castle with falling snow. But for the second time this week, as I got to the location I wanted, the snowing stopped. So I ended up with few blue hour shots, and will have to try again next time.

This is a 5 exposure HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and finished in Photoshop.
Missing snow

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