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Recently I’ve been using my tablet more, and so I have been playing more with different apps, and one of the was the recent Google+ app. And I have to say, compared to Facebook, it was much better. It was such a pleasure to use, that I decided to start again posting my photos there. So if you are there, feel free to add me under

City jungle

It’s so nice to see so many trees inside a city center. It makes the city shots so much greener, even if they stand in the way sometime of a nice composition. Here I wanted to get a nice shot of the Cobblers Bridge, just could not find a spot with a nice view next to it. So I took one from a little further away from a nearby pedestrian bridge. But as that one was shaking like crazy every time someone walked over it, I had to get it in the very early morning.

This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
City jungle

I think love locks can be found in any city. But this is the first time I seen a bridge that almost looks like it was made for them. This could look very interesting once it’s completely filled. This is the Mesarski bridge in Ljubljana. It looks quite interesting, as the middle part is concrete, but the sides are from glass, so see through.

I took this during the evening blue hour. The sky was very cloudy, but as usually blue hour saved the day :). This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
Glass and locks

I wanted a nice evening photo from the castle, but I just could not find a good spot next to it, due to all the trees there. Also they closed the castle tower way to early. Luckily I asked the very nice staff in the hotel I was staying in, if they knew a good spot to get a nice view of the city, and they suggested this, the Nebotičnik (which in slovenian means skyscraper :) ). It’s only 13 floors high, but still the highest building in the city center. It also looked like the staff of the cafe, which is on top of it, was quite used to people taking photos from there and they even had no problem with me using a tripod. But as it was raining at that time, there were not many people there anyway. Still if you are ever in Ljubljana, it’s a great place for a break.

This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
Rainy evening in Ljubljana

weather ljubljanaTo bad the weather forecast is never accurate. The forecast for the days I spend in Ljubljana promised nice sunny weather with some clouds. And just day before the trip, the forecast changed into cloudy with rain. At least they were off on the rain. But the sky was cloudy all the time (check the photo on the right, I took it during the day with my phone). So I did what I always do in such a case. I do all my photo shooting in the evening and even more in the early morning. Even if there is no nice evening blue hour, you usually get a good one in the morning.

Same with this photo, taken around 6am. Even with the cloudy sky, it got a nice blue color, exactly what I wanted :)

This is a HDR created from 5 shots in Oloneo Photoengine, taken in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Slovenian morning

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