And one more photo from Slovenia, but this one from Maribor. This was my favorite spot while I was there :)

Under the bridge

As cathedrals go, the Maribor Cathedral (Church of St John the Baptist) is one of the more simpler ones. So in this photo from there, I also vent with less editing, leaving it simple, realistic, to as much as possible what I seen there :)

This is a HDR created from 5 shots in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
Maribor Cathedral

MOO cards

I just got my new set of MOO business cards. This is my second set I ordered from Moo cards. The first set was used up very quickly, as everyone loved the look of the cards. Me too of course. I really like how you can have your own design on one side and a selection from you photos on the other. You don’t even have to upload the photos, as you can import them form Smugmug, Flickr, Facebook and other services. It so easy to create them.
To find more info, you can check out the MOO cards site. And I got this code “G2MSCG” for a 15% discount on first order of 50 business cards, so it maybe be useful for some of you :)

Btw. you maybe notice a different address on the card that the one of this blog. This is a part of a change for this page, and I will get to that when it’s actual :)

Photo categories

Recently I changed the way categories are shown in the sidebar, so if you miss them, they are still there. Just look for a drop-down under the social icons, with the caption Photos by location.

Bridge in Maribor

As the year ends, you will notice not so many photos from new locations. I just don’t travel that much around this time. The weather is just not so great. I will maybe have some new around the Christmas, but until than, most of my photos will be from places I visited earlier this year. So for today, another photo of this great looking bridge in Maribor, Slovenia.

This is a HDR from 5 shots, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
Bridge in Maribor

Tweaks to the blog

Maybe some of you noticed, that there were few small changes recently to the blog. I’m tweaking it almost constantly, always trying to make it better. Recently there were two bigger changes. One is that I made the menu smaller (finally I found out where I have to edit the code to change it :)) and secondly I changed the way comments are handheld. As there were problems with people not being notified about comment replies on the blog, I was searching for a replacement. I thought about Facebook or G+, but in the end I decided for Disqus. It seems to fit the most and it lacks all the limitations of Facebook and G+. What do you think? Is it better?

The bridge arch

It’s so nice when you can get under a bridge. It gives you a great view of the bridge and for a lot of people its a view they never seen before. If you think about it, most people just cross the bridge, so they only see it from the bridge, or somewhere from the side. But never from under it.

This is a manual blend from 5 shots, taken in Maribor, Slovenia.
The bridge arch

I don’t know why, but according to wikipedia, this bridge has four names. Old bridge, State bridge, Main bridge and also Drava bridge. Look like they really could not agree on one name. And I thought I made an error when I called it the Main bridge in one of my posts and the Old bridge in another :)

This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
The bridge with four names

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