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Behind the cameraI’m still so tired after yesterday. I have been taking photos at the Vienna Latin Gala, and as that was until late at night, and my first train to Bratislava was in the early morning, I decided to go to the city to catch the morning blue hour. For a moment I thought also of waiting for the sunrise, but after the disappointment the sunset was, I rather went home. And without any clouds, the sunset was boring anyway :)

But as I went to bed at 7.30am, I’m still quite tired, even if I slept already twice today. I’m probably no longer so young that I an be up the whole night. Somehow I remember this was never a problem when I went to the university :)

I also had the pleasure meeting and doing a little sunset shooting with Cosmin Stoleac, who is a photographer in Vienna, an you can check out his photos on his Facebook profile here.

So this is one of the photos I took in the morning. It’s of the St. Stephens Cathedral there. I wanted a photo of it for a longer time, but during the day and in the evening the area is just always full of people. It was much better in the morning, but still few people passed through the shot. I can’t really say I understand the lights they have there. I don’t think they add anything interesting what a beautiful architecture without them.

This is a HDR created from 5 exposures, in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.
4AM in Vienna


I don’t do much street photography, but this has to be my favorite photo taken on a street. Just a random one, taken while sitting at a restaurant having a lunch :) Taken in October of 2011.
Beauty of the Moment


This one is so over-processed. But there used to be time when I liked photos like this. Not that much anymore :) But somehow I still like this one. It’s maybe just nostalgia :) Taken in the summer of 2010.


This is one lovely church in Vienna, it just looks so much nicer from outside. It is a little boring from the inside. A little to clean for my taste. But still it was nice that when I asked if I can take photos, nobody minded. Maybe because it was still a little bit under reconstruction.

This is HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with few of the original shots in Photoshop.


Blue hour in Vienna

This was taken during summer last year. It was a strange day to take photos in Vienna, as there was a football match between Austria and Germany (if I remember correctly) that day, and the city was full of people watching it on screens everywhere :)

After most of my recent photos were blended images, this is again a HDR. I’m continuing my experiments with blending, but as the results are not really share-worthy right now, I’m sharing normal HDR photos instead :)
Blue hour in Vienna