How about one more fireworks shot. The fireworks were going for 30 minutes, so I took really many of them. Hope nobody minds :)

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.
St. Stephen's Day Celebrations

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  • Technique: Photoshop edit
  • Number of exposures: 1
  • Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon 24-70mm F2.8
  • Focal length: 46 mm
  • Aperture: 6.3
  • Middle exposure time: 4s
  • ISO: 200
  • Tripod used: yes


Where was this photo taken:

[map z=”18″ hidecontrols=”true” marker=”yes” w=”100%” h=”150″ maptype=”SATELLITE” lat=”47.487574″ lon=”19.045953″]