Night lamp over Budapest

To break away a bit from all the Winter photos, here is a panorama I took in Budapest last summer. It was a crazy hot day. I wanted a bit different view of the city center, so I decided to include the lamp and part of the wall. Still, it was not easy to edit. The lights on the Chain bridge are crazy bright compared to it’s surrounding and even with multiple shots you get the area overexposed. So I sped actually around 2 hours on this photo, just playing with it to get it to a point I like. There is a random work-space shot I took when I edited it to the side here.

I’m a bit unhappy about the composition though. The laps is on the wrong side. Since the parliament in the back and the lamp are both the brightest elements in the shot, the whole photo is a bit out of balance. I would prefer the lamp to be on the right so the light areas create a frame around the bridge. If I remember, I will try and check if I can get a shot like that when I’m there next time :)

I was a bit lucky that there were only few people passing by. I did this photo as a two shot panorama, with each one from three exposures. Only in the last shot a couple stopped right in the middle of the photo, but luckily I could remove them. You can check my article about that here.

This panorama was created in PTgui (see here how) and then blended in Photoshop.

Night lamp over Budapest, Hungary

And here are few details:

Night lamp over Budapest, Hungary