I though I would share with you my first thoughts on the Everyday messenger bag today, but as the delivery is late and I don’t know where it is (btw. what is the point of tracking, if they delivery company does not include the location in the updates? ), that would have to wait. So for today, here you have a shot of the John Frost bridge from Arnhem in Netherlands.

This is a HDR from 5 exposures, created in Oloneo Photoengine, finished in Photoshop.

Other side of the bridge

Technique: Oloneo Photoengine, Number of exposures: 5, Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D mark II, Lens: Canon 16-35mm F2.8, Focal length: 16mm, Aperture: 11, Middle exposure time: 2.5s, ISO: 100, Tripod used: yes, Location: 51.975237, 5.912495