Terribly slow Lightroom

I really wonder how much testing does Adobe on their products before they release them. It just can’t be how slower Lightroom got after the latest updates. And I really need those due to the 5D mark IV support, so I can’t even downgrade. It’s really horrible, and I’m not even surprised that I already seen photographers mentioning wanting to move to different software solutions. If every edit that should be instant takes seconds, one looses so much time on every photo.

I really wish that Adobe would just stop adding new features for a year, and just optimize, optimize and optimize even more. If they continue on this path, I would be not surprise if they start loosing customers quite soon :/

I plan to get a new, quite powerful, PC soon, but if Lightroom is still slow on that one, I will be looking at something different. I just can’t afford waisting so much time just waiting on it to perform the basic operations. On my older i7 processor changing exposure on a photo, will go up to 8% usage when doing it in Photoshop, and 40% usage when doing it in Lightroom. That’s just not normal.

No people around the Eiffel tower

Today’s photo is another one taken by the Eiffel tower. I just love to take photos of it, and since I had only mostly night shots, now I’m adding a lot of day ones :). There are many views one can get up close, but most of them will have many people in them. But, if you walk around, there is a small park to the side of the tower, with a little pond in the middle. You can’t go close to the pond (which I would so like to, to get a nice reflection :)), but you still get quite a view, with only trees in the foreground. It just looks like the Eiffel tower is in the middle of a park, not in the middle of a city :)

This is a two shot vertorama, combined in Lightroom, edited in Photoshop.

No people around the Eiffel tower