Surface Laptop

As you may know, I am quite a big fan of Surface products and own a Surface Pro 4. And today Microsoft announced a new laptop in the Surface line. It looks pretty nice, but actually the only thing I would like, is a Surface Pro in that beautiful blue color :). Still, it’s worth a look (official site here), as it show the way a lot of PC will go in the future.

Now if they would just start selling the Surface Dial and Surface Ergonomic keyboard in Europe, so I can finally get them.

The beacon of light over Paris

I did not want to share another Eiffel tower photo with you again, but I just had to share this one right away. As probably everyone, I always try to search for a different view of familiar subjects and this is something I have not seen before (maybe somebody did it before, I have not seen every photo of the Eiffel tower ever done :)). I planed to do this shot for a while, but I had to go back to Paris first.

In the end I had only one try, so I’m not completely happy with the composition here. I will have to redo the shot, with a bit wider composition to get more of the surroundings. Still, I think it makes for an interesting photo :)

This photo is put together from 14 exposures. I used three for the base of the photo and then additional 11 for the lights (I captured 40 in total). I took the base ones at a low ISO, to get a nice noise free base to work with. Then I bumped the ISO up until I got a fast enough exposure. I used the interferometer to take a shot every two seconds, for about two-three times the light went around the tower. In the end I blended them together as I would blend together star trails.

The beacon of light over Paris, Eiffel tower