New Laptop

Last week I got a new laptop, the Macbook Pro 13 M1, and I have to say, it’s really hard to relearn years of muscle memory. As I no longer remember most Photoshop shortcuts and just do them automatically, I can’t select almost anything on the mac without looking. It’s just so strange. But luckily one gets used to new things rather quickly, so I will see how it is in a week or two. But that the M1 Photoshop does not support extensions is a much bigger issue. One has a new processor but has to use an older software version just to get the whole functionality. Sometimes I don’t understand Adobe’s approach at all.

Today’s photo is not yet edited on the mac, but the next one probably will be.

Sparkling tower in the night

This photo is a bit darker for my style, but I wanted the Eiffel tower to stand out here. And with the surroundings not being so interesting anyway. This is of course not a new photo, as I don’t have any. It was one of those still taken while I used the Sony a7R. It’s a two-shot vertorama, each shot split into two and then merged back together in Photoshop.