Page updates

Normally around this time of the year I like to update the blog with a new look. But not this time. I still like how the blog looks overall, so I will keep it. But that does not mean there will be no smaller or bigger changes here and there. Like new photos for the homepage slide-show, rearranged menus, repositioned elements and similar. All to make your visit to the page better :)

Mirror like Danube – Plotagraph

Mirror Danube, PlotagraphFor today I have for you another plotagraph, made from one of my recent photos. While editing it, I thought that I could record the process and share that as a video with you. So don’t be surprised if you see something like that soon on the blog :)

This time I went with quite a subtle animation, just a bit in the sky, and some in the water. I did not want to overdo it. You can also see in the screenshot to the side how it looked. I had a few problem with the clouds pulling on the church tower, but I managed to remove that.

You can check out my Plotagraph Pro review here, and a guide how to create them here.

(if you use an older web browser, you may only see a static image, if you are on a mobile, please hit the play button to see the Plotagraph in motion)