Fireworks over the Danube in Budapest

Fireworks over Danube in BudapestAs I mentioned yesterday, let’s do another photo of the St. Stephen’s Day fireworks today. I really had a great view, to see all of them at once. Maybe just form the castle to the left would be a nicer view. But it’s really hard to get a good spot there. The number of people in the city was huge, and a lot of spots are closed off during the fireworks.

Even the spot I got, under the Citadel, was only by luck. I got there 2 hours before the fireworks, and from my experience, that should have been enough. But to my surprise, the area was already full of people with cameras and tripods. Only by pure luck, a lady was leaving from this spot and I managed to put my tripod there. Next time I’m going even earlier.

This is a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

Fireworks over Danube in Budapest, Hungary