Morning bus on the Dragon Bridge

For today I have chosen a photo I took in 2013 when visiting Ljubljana in Slovenia. I tried to edit this photo of the Dragon bridge years ago, but I did not like the result then. But I do like it now, even if the composition is not exactly what I would take today. At that time, the 16mm lens was the widest one I had, and I did not take panoramas that often. If I had to redo this shot now, I would do a two-shot panorama, so the dragons are not so close to the edge of the photo. Maybe if I decide to revisit Ljubljana one day, I will try that.

I took this photo very early in the morning at the Dragon bridge, when there was still not much traffic. There were busses already running, so I waited for one, to create this long exposures. This photo is a blend of 4 exposures, done in Photoshop.

Morning bus on the Dragon Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia