There has been quite a lack of updates on the blog recently. And for a while, it will be that way. There are multiple reasons, but mostly, I did not have that many opportunities to take new photos recently, so not much new stuff to edit. Also, I returned to a daytime non-photography job now, and that had a big impact on my available time. But I do hope this all stabilizes quickly, and I get back to regular posting.

National Bank as a lighthouse

But today, let’s have a new photo. This is a vertorama of the National Bank of Slovakia building in Bratislava. During the White day earlier this year, that had this light installation on top, which made it look just like a huge lighthouse. So it was a perfect time to get a photo of it.

This shot is a combination of two photos for the vertorama, each one from two exposures. I did more than the two, but with the blur of the bus and the movement in the lights on top of the building, I ended up using only a few. All manually blended in Photoshop.

National Bank as a lighthouse, Bratislava, Slovakia