I have 11 photo prints in my living room, and this is one of them. The clouds that day were just stunning, and luckily I chosen to go the top of the SNP bridge to take some photos :)

Let’s move to the year 2012. The February that year was a big change for me, as I bought my first PRO camera, the Canon 5D mark II. And my first trip with that, was to Spain, from where also this photos is.

Still one of my favorite photos I ever took. And still I have not taken the time to get more like this, yet I still have access to the Celestron Telescope I used for this. Well, maybe this year :)

The next one is from June 2011. This one a funny one, when I took a photo inside a church, and I absolutely did not notice there was a wedding starting right at the same time :) But thats probably why I could take this photos, as they probably thought I was the wedding photographer :) (btw, this is the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Postorna in Breclav)

It’s funny what effects a single photo can have on ones life. Because of this one, I probably meet the most people in my life :) Why is that you may ask? Simple. After I posted it, a salsa DJ contacted me if he could use it for a poster for an upcoming dance festival. In the end I took photos at the festival, at another, another one and many more. And that’s all just because of this one photo :)

BTW. If you are interested how most people find my photos for the first time, it’s Google. It not photo sharing sites, not social networks, it’s almost always Google search.

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