I thought I skip this month, but since this photo is one of my all time favorites, I thought I include it :)

The mirror world

This is one of the most popular photos I ever took, and it really is also one of my all time favorites. This is of course the Bojnice castle in Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle

It’s hard to believe it’s already have been three years since I visited London. Time really flies, and it really is long overdue to go there back again :)

The London Eye

Funny, how you always get the best sunset when you are not expecting one. This photo I took one late autumn day, when a fellow photographer asked me if I could give him a bit of a lesson. So we went to a nearby lake, and within minutes a very boring cloudy sky, changed into this. And it stayed like this for almost half an hour :)

Even after these years, this is still one of my favorite photos. And it’s quite popular with many people, with it being a editors choice on 500px and also published in a magazine (or two, not sure anymore :))

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