If you haven’t done so yet, you can still download my free ebook on capturing fireworks photos.

So just click on this link Download Capture fireworks eBook to download it :)

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Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks

Haven’t done a sale in a while, so how about a one :) Until the end of the May (31.5.) you can get my my video tutorial with a 40% discount. Use the code “FORTYOFF” to get 40% off from the price. That’s around 20 usd off from the normal 49 usd price (So the new price is 29.40 usd). 

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To get all the info, and sample videos on the series, please check the Master exposure blending page.

and here you can see the introduction video, to see what it’s about

Again it has been a while since I updated the wallpapers page with any new wallpapers, so today is the day I’m adding two new for you :) And since I like to have a theme each time I add some, the today theme is clouds :)

As always you can download them and many more from the wallpapers page here.

Low couds over ParisSimple beauty

Please excuse the temporary downtime of the blog. I will be moving the blog to a new host in a few weeks, which should make problems like this a thing of the past. I would have done it right now, but I have 3 weeks of travel in front of me, so I have to deal with that first. But I hope there will be no more downtime until then, and all works as it should.

No new photo for today, but instead two new high-res wallpapers for you :) Still, since the 3440×1440 seems to be the most popular, here are two more in this one (but next time will add some other ones :)). As always, the new ones and all the older ones can be downloaded form the wallpapers page.

The Louvre

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