Still busy, still not at home. So again, no new photo today, but how about instead, few of my favorite photos, with my favorite subject, bridges :)

Low Danube under the Apollo bridge
Lamp on the bridge
Sunrise at the bridge
Night colors
Light Bridge
The Forth Rail bridge

Little short on time today, so no new photo. I’m currently on my way to Budapest for few day, for a little photo-shooting, but will get back to normal posting soon :)

So for today, how about a look back at one of my videos on how to take multiple brackets with a camera.

I have been slowly adding to the Top photography spots list on the blog, and right up I’m already at 6 lists. I still want to create many more, but I fist need to get many more photos (and of course many more visits to the different cities :)).

But for now, if any of you are planing to visit one, or more of these cities, these lists could be really helpful. I always try to mention if tripods are allowed or there are any problems with those, and there are few spots on the lists, where I really had problems finding this out before a trip. And I think that it’s not to hard to believe, that the Prague list, is the most visited page from the whole blog, even more visited than the HDR tutorial.

Top 5 photography spots in Bratislava


Top 5 photography spots in Prague


Top 5 photography spots in Budapest


Top 5 photography spots in Paris


Top 5 photography spots in Paris


Top 5 photography spots in Paris


While on the subject of page updates. Another section that I planed to update for a long time, was My abstract art page. Actually I plan to update a lot of parts of the blog, in the ever-going attempt to make the page better and more interesting :)

As for this update, the My abstract art page was a little boring, as it was only a gallery of my older works, I used to create in Photoshop. So I thought about how to make it more interesting, and in the end I changed it to include a description on how I started with Photoshop, where and how I learned the basics. This could maybe help (or inspire) some of you who are just starting :)

So head over to the My abstract art & How I started with Photoshop page.

Btw. to see all the pages of this blog, just scroll down to the menu in the right sidebar.

As I mentioned, I continually keep updating the page, and this time it was time to update the My Gear section (as it haven’t been updated for at least a year :)). So I finally added all the new toys I accumulated in the last year, and also added few thoughts to every single one.

So if you are curious what I use, head over to the My gear page. And here is a behind the scenes shot, taken some time ago at one of the photo-shoots.
My Camera

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