As I mentioned, I continually keep updating the page, and this time it was time to update the My Gear section (as it haven’t been updated for at least a year :)). So I finally added all the new toys I accumulated in the last year, and also added few thoughts to every single one.

So if you are curious what I use, head over to the My gear page. And here is a behind the scenes shot, taken some time ago at one of the photo-shoots.
My Camera

I haven’t done a raffle on the blog in a long time, so how about one :) I’m giving away two copies of my video tutorial series Master exposure blending, and to have a chance to win you just have to fulfill any or all the conditions in the Rafflecopter widget (the more you do, the more entries you have). You just have to be a fan of HDRshooter on Facebook, follow @hdrshooter on twitter or tweet about the raffle.

The winners will be selected randomly in a week, and will receive a 100% discount code for the tutorial videos. Good luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I thought it was time again to update the wallpaper page that is on this blog. I thought I made it again all photos from one city (Budapest in this case), but I just could not find a photo that would work good as a dual screen wallpaper. So in the end, I ended with three new wallpapers from Budapest and one huge one from Prague :)

All wallpapers as always shared under the CC license. As all my photos, feel free to share them and use for any non-commercial use.


The morning reflection 1920x1200
Budapest Parliament 1920x1200
Entering the Chain bridge 1920x1200

My eBook on taking photos of fireworks has been available for a while to all my newsletter subscribers. But from today, any of you can download it directly without having to sign up.

So just click on this link Download Capture fireworks eBook to download it :)

And also feel free to share the book further, on you page, blog, whatever :). It would be nice if you do so, to link back to my blog, but I leave that up to you.

Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks

Today I haven’t been working on new photos for the blog, but instead I looked at adding more content to it. So you will find two new pages today.

First is an addition to my Top Spots category. I added a new city there, this time it’s Dubai. Go and check the list here.

Very high up

Secondly, I added a new guide to the Guides section. It’s called How to save photos for web, and that’s exactly what’s it about. You can find the guide here.

How to save for web

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