For some of you the 4th of July fireworks are quickly getting closer, so if you may need tips on how to take photos of fireworks, you can download my free ebook about that.

So just click on this link Download Capture fireworks eBook to download it :)

And also feel free to share the book further, on you page, blog, whatever :). It would be nice if you do so, to link back to my blog, but I leave that up to you.

Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks
Capturing Fireworks

A really long time passed since I added a page to the Top spots category and today is the day I added a new one. This time it Cesky Krumlova and you can see there a list of all the spots I like the most in the city. There again are 5 spots for you, and this time, also a suggested path, how I think is the best way to hit all of them in one go :)

You can check the list here Top 5 photography spots in Cesky Krumlov and here is my favorite photo I took there.
Morning Glow

And don’t forget to check all the other lists :)

I’ve been adding mostly 21:9 wallpapers recently, and so today, I’m adding few new with a more traditional aspect ratios. That is 16:10 and 4:3. As always, they are 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 and you can download them from the wallpapers page.

Late night Amsterdam 1920x1200
Colors of the John Frost bridge 1920x1200
I am Amsterdam 1920x1200

I started editing a new photo today, but I just got so pissed off at the new Photoshop. While they claim it is faster than the old one, in my few hours of experience, it was buggy, slow, didn’t redraw properly and overall was just horrible. And working with that is just no pleasure, no pleasure at all. If I knew it will be this way, I would not update at all.

I just noticed there is already an update available, which is not really a surprise with whats the state of it, but with such a professional software, I was hoping for better quality (and looking how good the older releases were).

So no new photo today, just a repost of one of my recent videos, on how to take multiple brackets on the Sony a7R.

Sorry, but no new photo today. I’m just quite busy with other work that I have to finish. So for now, how about a repost, one of the new tutorial videos I posted recently :)

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