If you ever wanted a nice explanation on what is HDR, and why it’s used, you can find that in this article, which is all just about that :)

You can create a nice cityscape reflection in Photoshop in a mater of minutes, and in this written guide and this video, you can see how I do it :)

Some of the photos I post, are long exposure photos. And if you wanted to know how to take long exposure photos, check out this guide.

White fluffy clouds

This is a very simple way on how to add glow to your photos. From the written version, you can also get a Photoshop action, that does all the steps for you :)

A very usual problem in photos, especially if you post them to sites like Facebook, is color banding. In the guide Dealing with color banding I show you a simple way, how to get rid of it, or at least make it much less visible.

Very early morning at the Hero's square

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