I hope you all already updated to the new Windows 10 and if you are still looking for a new wallpaper to go with it, how about some from my wallpapers page? And to make the decision harder, here are two more wallpapers for you :)

Low Danube under the Apollo bridge
The curvy road

From time to time I share some of the RAW files to one of my photos, and today is again one of those days. There are 5 files directly from the Sony a7R, taken in Vienna, Austria. So feel free to download them, try you editing skill, and share your result on my Facebook page.

You can get the RAW files and also 16bit Tiff version from the Dropbox forlder. I noticed that some of the older versions of PS and Lightroom do not like to open RAWs from newer cameras, so if thats you case, get the Tiff files.

Download the brackets here:

Dropbox folder

As always, I’m still author of the photo. You are free to share your edits further, but always link back to this blog and give me credit as the author and don’t use them for any commercial purpose. Thank you :)

vienna brackets

The last guide I will mention this time, is one of the most favorites on the blog. It on how to remove lens flares from your photos. They really can easily ruin a great shot. Check out the guide here: How to remove lens flares.


One of the most important thing in photography is of course composition, so the last guide I will highlight here is my Composition rules guide. Composition is one of the areas, that even getting better, will effect you photos right away.


There are already quite a few articles with software tips on the blog, so let me highlight them here for you. There are tips for Photoshop, Lightroom, Ptgui, Color efex pro and of course Oloneo Photoengine. Of course there are also tutorials available, but this are just the tips & tricks :)

Photoshop tips

Lightroom tips part 1 / part 2

Photoengine tips

PTgui tips

Color Efex Pro tips

Lightroom tips

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