You can create a nice cityscape reflection in Photoshop in a mater of minutes, and in this written guide and this video, you can see how I do it :)

Some of the photos I post, are long exposure photos. And if you wanted to know how to take long exposure photos, check out this guide.

White fluffy clouds

This is a very simple way on how to add glow to your photos. From the written version, you can also get a Photoshop action, that does all the steps for you :)

A very usual problem in photos, especially if you post them to sites like Facebook, is color banding. In the guide Dealing with color banding I show you a simple way, how to get rid of it, or at least make it much less visible.

Very early morning at the Hero's square

This year is shaping to be quite busy for me, and I’m sorry, but again I swamped with different work. So again, for a week or so, I will highlight some of the parts of the blog you might have missed, until I get back to my normal schedule.

So for today, let me hightlight for you the Frequently asked questions about HDR. These are the ones that repeat the most, and are a good start if you want more info on HDR.


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