I started editing a new photo today, but I just got so pissed off at the new Photoshop. While they claim it is faster than the old one, in my few hours of experience, it was buggy, slow, didn’t redraw properly and overall was just horrible. And working with that is just no pleasure, no pleasure at all. If I knew it will be this way, I would not update at all.

I just noticed there is already an update available, which is not really a surprise with whats the state of it, but with such a professional software, I was hoping for better quality (and looking how good the older releases were).

So no new photo today, just a repost of one of my recent videos, on how to take multiple brackets on the Sony a7R.

Sorry, but no new photo today. I’m just quite busy with other work that I have to finish. So for now, how about a repost, one of the new tutorial videos I posted recently :)

Time to update the wallpaper page again, today with two new 21:9 wallpapers, both in 3440×1440 resolution :) I really like this aspect ratio, and I hope the monitors using it will catch on more, and more people will enjoy the stunning feeling of immersion using them.

Get them both from the wallpapers page.

Across the Danube
Amsterdam canals

A little continuation of yesterdays post :) This is (almost) all the stuff I shown you yesterday, put together into a usable form. From the Gitzo tripod, through the Sunwayfoto XB-44 ball head, to the universal L bracket.

I’m actually quite pleased how the L bracket fits to the Metabones adapter. It is of course not created specifically to it, but due to it’s versatility, to fit any camera, it fits also that quite nicely. It moves the camera even a little more to the back, but that in my opinion even helps the balance of the whole setup even more. The only problem I noticed, is, that I have to detach the remote when I wan to go into the vertical position. If it’s connected, I’m not able to close the clamp, due to the cable.

After the first day of use (I had some interior photoshoot today) I’m quite pleased with the purchase. Just will take some time to get use how differently everything is being tightened, compared to my old stuff. Still need much more experience to do a review for it :)

All together

I don’t know why, but always when I order stuff, it all comes on the same day. It’s never like every day something, it’s all the same day :) But it’s always fun to get some new toys to play with, isn’t it :)

So today my new tripod and ball head arrived, with few more smaller things I needed to go with it. Since I’m switching from a Manfrotto attachment to a more traditional Arca Swiss attachment, I also had to get few extra plates and more :)


I plan to add reviews of everything over time (I need to try it out in work conditions first), but for now, here are some of the photo from the unboxing, and also an unboxing video. Some people tend to find unboxing videos worthless, but I disagree. Sometime it’s very hard to find out what everything is in the package, and a good unboxing video is a great help there. Like here, I needed a second quick release plate, and I could not find anywhere if there is one bundled with the ball head or isn’t.


This pile will be a nice replacement for my already very old Manfrotto 190XproB with the 496rc2 Compact Ball Head, which I used for the last 6-7 year. It still works nicely, only has to be tightened quite often, and has quite a few scrapes all over it :) So what all I got now? The new tripod is the Gitzo GT2542 4 section carbon tripod, from the Mountaineer series. To go with it, I got the Sunwayfoto XB-44 ball head with a replacemetn Sunwayfoto DLC-50 Knob/Lever Combo Clamp, a DPG-39 Universal Quick-Release Plate, DPL-01 Universal L-type Quick-Release Plate and the DMP-200L Multi-Purpose Rail Nodal Slide, all from Sunwayphoto. I hope I haven’t forgot anything while ordering it :)

So await reviews of all of this (together with the Sony a7R and the Metabones adapter) in the next weeks.

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