Of course I had to go out shooting right away after arriving in Paris. And thanks to Beboy (Beboy Photographies) who took me to this place, I got a great photo right away. We were also joined by another great french photographer Antonio Gaudencio (Antonio Gaudencio Photographie) and had a great evening of shooting :) Definitively check out their pages :)

This is a manually blended vertorama from two shots, each shot from 6 exposures.
First evening in Paris


So I’m back from Paris after a week of taking lots and lots of photos there. Had some great weather, had some rainy days, but overall I hope I got some very nice shots. I also got to meet a lot of great photographers, which I will mention here over the next few days (not today, still tired from the traveling). So I hope you will enjoy all the new photos from Paris that I will post in the next days and weeks :)

Midnight Drivers

Probably not the photo one would think I would share as the first one from Paris, but as I was copying the photos to my PC, this one caught my eye and I had to edit it right away.

This is a manual blend from 3 shots. Photo taken around midnight, while I was returning to my hotel.
Midnight Drivers

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