This is one of my all time favorite shots. It’s so unusual for me :) No landscape or architecture here. Taken in January 2010

Destination Dubai

Right about now I should be arriving at the airport in Vienna, and slowly departing for Dubai. Just a 6 hour flight :) I will be staying there for a week, so starting from Monday 24th March you can expect new photos from there on the blog. And until then, feel free to follow me on my Facebook page, where I will post behind the scenes photos form the trip.


The center of Bratislava is full of crazy and lovely statues. I really prefer the classic ones to the modern statues. And this is one that’s one of the favorites there :) This photo is from summer of 2010.

Lets continue with the look into the past. It looks almost unbelievable that this one is from 2010. How the time passed by. Taken at the Kuchajda lake in Bratislava.
Multiple Fireworks

I was going through my photos, trying to decide what to post today, and I came across this one from the new years fireworks from this year. The photo was a little colorless because of the fog, but I played a little around with the tint, pushing it a little more towards purple, and it became quite colorful :)

This is a single RAW file, exported three times (base, shadows and highlights) and blended together in Photoshop.
Foggy fireworks


Affiliate program

Together with the new video tutorial series “Master exposure blending” I’m introducing also and affiliate program that is open for all.

Affiliate program is a way for you to earn money by promoting my videos. You just need to register to get a special tracking link to the tutorial, and everytime somebody buys the tutorial, while coming from that link, you get a part of the profit.

So for all those interested head over to the Affiliate page and register (it’s completely free) and there you can also get the product link for the tutorial I offer. The provision is 20% from every sale.

In the late evening

The weather is getting better, my fist trip is getting close. I so can’t wait to have new photo from new locations to share with you on the blog :). But until then, here is another shot from Bratislava.

This is a HDR form 6 shots, created in Oloneo Photoengine.
In the late evening

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